Our Approach

It is all about YOU!  We do not just sell you a garment, but we provide you with a wardrobe that fits your taste.  We are not a "cookie-cutter" clothing store; we provide a personalized approach to all of your clothing needs.  From formal wear to business casual attire, we got you covered... literally.  We are your one-stop shop for looking good and feeling great in what you wear!  If you need fashion advice, Louie is your man!  With years of experience in the fashion industry both as a tailor and as a retail store owner...he is happy to help you put together a wardrobe or a single outfit that will make you look your best.

On the a Tailor Shop side (ALTERATIONS 4-U), Louie makes all your new and older clothing fit you.  Customers come to Louie for all types of alterations.  He tailors for both women and men.  It really does..."cost so little to look so good..."

Our Story

We are thrilled to bring to our beautiful community the very first men's clothing store and tailor shop on-site combo!   You will be able to purchase your clothing and have it tailored in the same location!  In fact, many customers go enjoy our great local food and beverage vendors while waiting for their  clothing to get tailored.  If a customer wants to stay to chat, Louie is your man.  He loves what he does and will entertain you with stories while getting your clothes done!

Behind the number 7/20 for the name of the store...

Our store's name: 7/20 has significant meaning to us and our family.

My husband and I share the same birthday....I know,  I know...I did not believe him either when he told me he had MY birthday.  (emphasis added on "my")  I even carded him. Yes, I sure did! I made him get out his wallet.  Because...you know ladies.... we get all kinds of "pick up lines"....  and I thought he was giving me one of those lines...

In addition to our sharing the same birthdate, July 20th is also our wedding anniversary.  We picked that date to get married because my husband's parents' got married on July 20 and his Godparents got married on July 20 as well.  With so much meaning behind this date...we decided to share our blessings with you by naming your only men's clothing store/tailor shop 7-20!  Happy wife/happy life...-Shannon

hab·er·dash·er·y pronounced - /ˈhabərˌdaSHərē/
means: men's clothing store and accessories and we are bringing the finest to downtown CDA. 

Meet the Owners

Owners, Shannon & Luis
From formal wear to business casual, we have you covered.
From formal wear to business casual, we have you covered.

Luis Gomez
Owner & Tailor

I am Luis Alejandro Gomez and I am a tailor with 49 years experience.  I started tailoring when I was 14 years old.  I was the youngest in the tailorshop back in the 70's.  That drive, passion and work ethic is still what drives me today and I have never stopped learning to provide my customers with the best!

Shannon Murphy-Gomez

I am Shannon Murphy-Gomez. I am a mom to an amazing son.  I am a lawyer who represents legally free children in foster care and I am a World of Dance/U-Jam Fitness Instructor.

Special thanks to the following people who helped us achieve our dream!

Conrad Konen, owner of Konen Development and Construction (and father to two amazing kiddos!)

Jerome Pollos, photographer (and his lovely wife Marie!)

Matt Leitholt, photographer

Next Day Cleaners (Adam!)

Chris and Penny Burciaga

Jorge Valle, MD.

And... a heart felt "thank you" to all of the local retailers/vendors who contributed with much needed advice and support.  It really does take a village... and CDA is a village of wonderful caring folks that really want every business owner to succeed!


Next Steps...

We can custom order any clothing type desired to fit the needs of your style or event.